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Fundraising - 5K

Fundraising & Event Mangement

The fundraising committee is working on the 5K Race in conjunction with Whirlpool Corporation.  Getting volunteers, sponsors, setting up the course, designing t-shirts and in kind donations.

Jacob Price is the Whirlpool contact.

Social Media - Sharing our mission

Social Media Marketing

Keeping up with the action in the building and activities outside of the facility is a daunting task.  Sharing our mission on all platforms will be your challenge.

Assisting the fundraising group with the race promotion, and encouraging participation in our events will be two of the many possible challenges for you.

Back Office Assistance

Technology Infrastructure

& Back Office

There are three components to the back office work for 2020.

Grant research:  using two databases you will find applicable grants and be sure to meet deadlines for applications.  Working with the Executive Director and using Grant Station and the FADICA Directory, we will aim to find five new grants for 2020.

Emergency Assistance Program:  working with the software developer, a volunteer, we will implement the new software and train the volunteers and staff on how to use it.

Parking Lot Construction:  How to operate a store and food pantry while under construction will be your challenge.  Identify parking resources, order signs, rearrange store fixtures and customer flow are all on the work order.  A short deadline makes this a challenge.

The “ADDIE Model” was chosen as an implementation model to reliably produce transformative change repeatably as each stakeholder group takes the base of installed tools and technologies and applies them to their area. This is possible, because the comprehensive nature of The Connected Nonprofit strategy is to provide all the tools at time of original deployment and allows each group “to turn them on” when they are ready or have the need.

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