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Christmas for Kids 2023

She was almost a foot shorter than the volunteer helping her. Nevertheless, she reached both arms to the sky, balanced on tiptoes, and gave a big hug.  “Thank you,” she told the volunteer. “Thank you so much. I can do without for myself, but it hurts my heart for my kids to not have anything for Christmas. This means more than I can tell you.”


This young mother was one of many that participated in the Christmas for Kids event at Ladies of Charity Knoxville this year. The annual event is our holiday project for families who need help with outdoor clothing for their children.  And this year’s event was such a success. There were approximately 200 kids served. What an amazing tribute to the donors and volunteers that make this event happen.


Who are these children?  At Ladies of Charity Knoxville, we are helping working parents, some single parents who come from many different backgrounds.  Some may speak a different language, some may not have a permanent home, but most are just like you and me.  They go to work, pay the bills, and raise their families.  They just can’t quite make it until the end of the month.  Holidays put extra stress on a strained budget.


That’s why we do this program.  Some children shop with their parents to get the right size coat or special toy.  Santa is there for photos, a candy station to fill bags with candy, a present wrapping station and the Christmas store is also open for low priced holiday decorations and gifts.


“We had over 65 volunteer hours to help set up the event and support all the families that came through. We were able to serve twice as many kids as last year. This is due to the overwhelming response and support we received from our diocesan family, who shared their heart with these children. Special thanks to the UT Graduate School of Medicine and to many other generous donors,” said Susan Unbehaun, Executive Director, Ladies of Charity Knoxville.

This Mom relocated here from Romania. She has twin girls and a boy, and she is on the hunt for Pokemon!

“There’s nothing like this where I lived before,” says this Mom. She was so thankful for Ladies of Charity Knoxville.

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